Lock Scene Lighting to Camera

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Display > Lock Scene Lighting to Camera


Lock Scene Lighting To Camera, when enabled, will cause any lighting you have added to the scene to align with the camera rather than emanating from the position of the lights' geometry in the scene, behaving just like the default light. The lights' geometry will not rotate with the camera, but the lights' effect will. To properly align lights for this mode, arrange them so that the lighting looks right from the front view (i.e. along the -z axis) when Lock Scene Lighting To Camera is disabled. Note that the effects of lights will only be visible if Use Scene Lights is enabled.


  • If you would like to replace Silo's default lighting with your current custom setup, use the Make Scene Lights Default command. Note that this will not just affect the current scene, but will also remain the default lighting setup for Silo generally, until another default is specified.