Object Display Mode

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Display > Object Display Mode


The Object Display Mode submenu allows you to change the way objects are displayed. Changes made will affect only the currently selected or active objects.

Wireframe Mode

Display the object in wireframe mode, meaning faces are not rendered.

Flat Shade Mode

Flat Shade.jpg
Display each polygon of the object as a flat face with no smoothing.

Smooth Shade Mode

Smooth Shade.jpg
Display the object as a smooth surface.

Fast Shade Mode

Fast Shade.jpg
Display the object as a smooth surface with the default material and no textures (for extra speed gain).

Ghosted Shade Mode

Ghosted Shade.jpg
Display the object as a semi-transparent smooth surface.

Show/Hide Wireframe

Toggle Wireframe.jpg
Overlay the object's wireframe.

Show/Hide Textures

Toggle Textures.jpg
Display any textures applied to the object.

Show/Hide Normals

Toggle Normals.jpg
Display a representation of the object's face normals.


  • These options affect the entire object, not just selected components of an object.