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Scene Editor.jpg

Default Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + E

Menu Path: Editors/Options > Scene Editor


The Scene Editor offers a comprehensive, tree-based view of everything in your scene, and allows you to select and interact with objects. Many users will prefer to keep it open while they are working, particularly with complex scenes.

Selecting an item in the Scene Editor will select the corresponding item in the scene, and vice versa. Items are divided between regular objects in the scene, groups, and UV proxies.


Each item in the list has four buttons on the right side. All of these buttons can be clicked with the left mouse button for regular functionality or right-clicked for a context menu which gives additional options. Below is a list of the different buttons as they appear in the editor from left to right.


Silo allows you to treat an object or group as a layer, by making all other geometry un-editable when you click on the Layer button. Right-clicking allows you to choose whether you would like the other geometry to be hidden, set to wireframe mode, locked, or some combination of those options, and also allows you to set the default behavior for when you left-click on the button.


Change the display mode of the affected geometry. You can left-click to cycle between modes, or right-click to choose from a menu.


Change whether the affected geometry is hidden or shown. Left click to toggle, right-click to choose from a menu.


Change whether the affected geometry is locked or not locked.