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System Requirements:
  • Windows 10 or newer 64-bit
  • MacOS 10.14.6 or newer
  • Systems vary quite a bit, be sure to download the trial and make sure it runs on your system
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Two great apps, one great price! Get Milo free with a purchase of Silo. Available for Windows and MacOS.
Silo: Speedy, Intuitive 3D Modeling + UVs
Major 2021 Update
Silo is a lightweight and lightning-fast 3D polygonal modeler and UV mapper, offering a deep, industry-grade toolset and easy-to-master workflow at an insanely affordable price. Its lightweight, focused, and portable nature have made it THE go-to pure modeler for well over a decade, either used standalone or as the perfect companion upgrade for complex all-in-one tools like Maya or Blender. It's also the perfect tool for teaching and learning 3D modeling. For 2021, we've added blend shapes, variable SubD edge creasing, PBR materials setup, and much more. Now at v2021.4.
Variable Edge Creasing
Blend Shapes for Animation and Modeling
Milo: Unreal-Powered Rendering, Walkthroughs, and VR
Milo is a new kind of real-time renderer and VR viewer, powered by the industry-leading Unreal Engine for hyper-realistic lighting, materials, and shadows for your 3D models. Currently in Early Access and rapidly developing, it's the ideal tool for product shots, game asset visualization, ArchViz/architectural walkthroughs, portfolio renders, VR previews, turntable gifs for social media, and instantly showing all your models off in the best light possible. Included free with Silo.
Interactive Backgrounds and Lighting
Live Walkthroughs (VR/Controllers Supported)
Powered by Epic Games Unreal Engine
Milo is something new: a real-time renderer built atop the industry-leading capabilities of Epic's Unreal Engine, which is used in AAA video games like Fortnite, ArchViz, film production, and more. Milo was selected by Epic for one of their prestigious Mega Grants as an investment in Milo's development. Milo takes advantage of the many features Unreal affords, such as PBR materials, VR support, and much more (real-time raytracing coming soon). Watch this space as Milo continues to actively grow.
An Unbeatable Team
Silo and Milo are both standalone tools, but they work best together. Here are some highlights of what you'll get when you purchase a license, which includes both programs. Hover over the thumbnails to play video clips. You can also read a more complete feature list here.
GameDev with Unreal/Unity
Robust support for game engines like Unreal and Unity via .fbx, including blend shapes.
Milo is the easiest way to make beautiful architectural renders and interactive walkthroughs.
Intuitive UV Workflow
Silo makes UVs a breeze with features like live LSCM unwrapping.
Pre-Made Lighting Rigs
Milo features a variety of lighting rigs with many real-time light sources for gorgeous results.
Complete Poly/SubD Toolset
Silo has streamlined versions of all the industry-standard modeling tools you need.
Instant Turntable Renders
Create animated gifs with one-click turntable render export.
Model With Blend Shapes
Blend shapes are great for auto-generating random variations of a model.
Silo-Milo Link
Edit your file in Silo and hit save, and it will auto-reload in Milo with your changes.
VR Support
Plug in your headset and hit Milo's VR button. Use VR or game controllers for movement.
Fully Customizable
Customize colors, hotkeys, interface buttons, and even every mouse function, matching any workflow.
The Perfect ZBrush Companion
With GoZ support, Silo is ideal for modeling base meshes for ZBrush.
Transportation/Product Design
Iterate incredibly quickly modeling in Silo and using Milo for renders.
Save 60% on Pixelmash with the Game Making Bundle
Pixelmash is our innovative dynamic-resolution pixel art editor that makes creating retro-styled 2D game art way easier. Combine it with Silo and Milo, and you'll have everything you need to make an amazing game of any type in Unreal or Unity.
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Silo + Milo + Pixelmash
Always Growing Through Regular Updates
Silo and Milo are on a new schedule of frequent, rolling updates to get features out to users much much faster: Rather than releasing major updates every few years with fewer in-between, we now release updates on a continual basis as each new feature is ready. Every Silo license purchased on our site not only includes a license for Milo, but also a full year of free upgrades, regardless of the version number or size of each upgrade.

Update period extensions can be purchased to add additional years of updates to the license. This isn't a subscription: you're always able to use any versions released before the end of your update period (including extensions to it), and you can jump back in with an update period extension at any time in the future to grab the latest features. This new continual upgrade schedule will allow us to release larger updates more regularly; check out our recent additions at the link below.
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Learn How To Model With Silo
Here are some great video series to teach you both basic and advanced modeling concepts using Silo. And they're free! Also be sure to check out the online Silo manual and our YouTube channel!
Beginner series by Glen Southern meant to teach the Silo fundamentals. Series page includes text explanations and links to Wiki content. Eleven part series.
Learn the basics of modeling in Silo, including creating, viewing, selecting, and modifying 3D objects. Then watch short videos demonstrating some of Silo's key tools and features. Ten part series.
Matt Connors models an Austin-Healey Sprite in Silo. Series page includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files. Four part series.
Mirko Haenssgen explains how to create a medieval sword in Silo. Series page includes text explanations and links to Wiki content. Two part series.
Glen Southern models an alien using a point-by-point technique. Includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files and reference images. Nine part series.
Box modeling series in which Glen Southern models a minotaur. Includes text explanations, links to Wiki content, and additional model files and reference images. Ten part series.
#MadeInSilo - Moto RKD Dash
Some pretty great things are #MadeInSilo

"Silo is the only modeling software I've used since 2005 when I got version 1.4. It is used in the game for far more than just the 3D models; it helped me model, complete, publish and sell a mobile game... how cool is that?"

Check out Moto RKD Dash, a timeless arcade racing action game, entirely modeled in Silo and brought to life with Unity. Read about the creation process here on the CGTalk Silo Forums. ★★★★★ from us!
Watch & Learn
Check out our YouTube Channel for tutorials and more. There are also excellent free 3D modeling tutorials available on our site.
Have some questions? Visit the Support pages. You can also consult the Online Silo Manual and ask on the Silo Forums.
More Resources
The 3D Modeling Wiki is a great learning resource; you can also take a look at Silo's Release Notes to find out what's new.
Stay Connected
Join the Silo community on the CGTalk Silo Forums and sign up for the Updates Newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest developments.
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