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Manipulator Tool.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Path > Path


Silo uses on-screen manipulators to affect the current selection. Clicking and dragging on each handle will have a different effect. When a manipulator is active, you can hold Control and drag to perform the Tweak command, which performs the manipulator's action in the plane of the screen. Thus, if the the Move manipulator is active and you hold Control and drag with the left mouse button, you will move the selection in the plane of the screen without having to click on the manipulator. It is possible to work completely without manipulators by un-checking Show Manipulator and using the Constrain To shortcuts available in the Keyboard Settings.


Move: W

Drag handles to move in indicated direction. The center handle moves in the plane of the screen.

Rotate: R

Drag handles to rotate in indicated direction.

Scale: E

Drag handles to scale in indicated direction. The center handle scales in all directions.

Universal: Q

A combination of the above manipulators. Handle shapes indicate function. Drag to rotate, scale, or move.