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Polygon Tool.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Create > Polygon Tool


The Polygon Tool command will initialize a polygon/face creation tool. Use this tool by clicking and dragging to add successive points to the polygon and position them. Press Enter, Esc, or right-click to finish off the polygon and again to exit the tool.

When creating a polygon with this tool, the second and third point you create will be placed at the same distance from the camera as the first point; the fourth point and every point thereafter will be placed in the same plane as the previous three points. For example, to place a polygon in the work plane, you would use the tool from the top orthographic view.

If you have an object selected and enter this tool, you can append polygons to the existing object by clicking on the vertices of the object with the tool. Otherwise a new shape will be created with the polygons you draw out.

Polygons can be used as profiles for Path Extrusion Objects, Extrusion Objects, and Lathe Objects. If you subdivide the polygon, the subdivided shape will be used for the Create Path Extrusion, Create Extrusion Shape, and Create Lathe commands.



The number of sub-segments per segment drawn.


  • The normal vector of a single face created with the Polygon Tool will be determined based on whether the vertices were placed in a clockwise or counter-clockwise manner. If you are adding to an existing object, Silo will attempt to determine the direction of the normal vector based on a neighboring polygon. The normal vector can be reversed with the Reverse Normals command.
  • Calling the Polygon Tool when an object is already selected is the same as activating the Append Polygon tool.