Recreate UVs Using LSCM Unwrapping

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: UVs/Materials > Recreate UVs > Per Face


Recreates selected UVs using the LSCM (Least-Squares Conformal Mapping) algorithm, which attempts to optimally flatten islands of UVs based on seam edges and pinned vertices marked by the user. The flattened object is cut along marked seams (think of them as seams in clothing), while pinned vertices are used to denote which UV vertices should not be changed by the algorithm.

This command is very similar to Unwrap UVs Using LSCM. The difference is most apparent when only some components of an object are selected. That command will unwrap the UVs in place, while this command will treat the selection as a new island or set of islands, and scale the results to fill the 0-1 UV tile.