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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Selection > Snapping


This submenu allows you to switch between Silo's multiple methods of snapping. Silo's snapping allows you to constrain the movement of your selection (particularly with the Move manipulator) in various ways.

With snapping enabled, using different handles of the manipulator will let you snap along different axes. For example, to snap a vertex to the same height in the y direction as a second vertex, do the following. First select the first vertex. Then, with the move manipulator active and component snapping enabled, select the y axis of the manipulator and drag the mouse over the second vertex. The second vertex will become highlighted and the y value of the first vertex will then be snapped to the y value of the second vertex.


With component snapping, Silo will snap the current selection to components as you drag your mouse over them. This snapping is useful if you need to precisely align something with a face, edge, or vertex.


Silo will snap the selection to the surface of any unselected objects as you drag your mouse over it. This snapping is useful if you want to make your selection conform to another surface, such as creating new topology over an imported model, or adding clothing to a character. Be sure the surface you want to snap to is unselected in Object mode (see Selection Mode).


Silo will snap to the intersection points of the work grid. The grid spacing can be modified in the Display Settings, and its visibility can be toggled using Show Work Grids in the Display menu.

No Snapping

Snapping will be disabled.