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CameraBag 2021.4 is here, with a new handy Matte adjustment, text drop shadows, and more!
Video/Image Editing / October 12th, 2021

CameraBag 2021.4 is ready for you to download! Now with a new handy Matte adjustment, text drop shadows, and more!

The new Matte adjustment raises black levels while compensating in other areas of the histogram, creating a faded/matte look popular with many photographers—it gives photos an overall moodier look. You could achieve this look in CameraBag before by using multiple layered adjustments, but now it’s all built into one handy tool with just two convenient sliders.

New adjustable drop shadows in text overlays make it easy to have white text over light areas in your photos. Also in this release are improvements to watermark rendering on watermarks with variable transparency.

The update is FREE for all users who pu...
CameraBag 2021.3 with Alpha Support is Ready!
Video/Image Editing / September 1st, 2021
Pixelmash v2021.3 Header Image

CameraBag 2021.3 is ready for you to download, and now includes Alpha Support!

Version 2021.3 includes a much-requested feature that will make it a handy companion for everyone from web designers to game creators: alpha transparency support! Now you can edit images that have alpha channel transparency, and the transparency will be preserved during processing and export. We've also fixed a bug causing some image files to not load on Windows.

The update is FREE for all users who purchased CameraBag from within the last year; simply download the new version from the CameraBag webpage (make sure to download whatever version—Photo or Pro—matches your license). If you need to purchase an upgrade to your license, want to check if you need to, or generally check on the details of your license, you can do so at


Check out a video showing the new version in act...
FREE 1 Hour Photo app is back! Plus, #ICYMI, an update to CameraBag!
Video/Image Editing / July 22nd, 2021

1 Hour Photo—featured on CNET, Time, Uncrate, and PetaPixel—is available now as a FREE iOS app with TWO beautiful film emulations. (And no in-app purchases! Here simply for you to enjoy.)

With this new and improved version, we've included both the original stunning black and white film, as well as a brand-new color photo option. We've also given it a whole new interface!

Get it here: 1 Hour Photo on the App Store

1 Hour Photo brings a surprising new experience to mobile photography - it makes all your shots more magical by making you wait an hour before you get to see the results (using our gorgeous, proprietary film emulations).

Stop getting distracted in the moment by reviewing your photos as they're being taken - your special moments remain all about the moments themselves when you can't see the photos until later.

By the time you see your photos, the moments they've captured have already become memories—and nobody can veto a photo right after i...
CameraBag 2021.1: Brand-new Lens Flare Effect, Added Presets, And More
Video/Image Editing / March 25th, 2021
CameraBag Photo and CameraBag Pro versions 2021.1 are now availble! Here's what's new:
  • New Lens Flare adjustment! Hit Remix to generate endless variations, and position with the on-screen controls.
  • New Summer Flares presets, with some of our favorite lens flare variations alongside other filter effects.
  • Vignette, Spot Mask, and other adjustments with a location can now be positioned off-image.
  • Bug fixes and speed improvements.

Check out a developer walkthrough of the new features:
CameraBag 2020 for Mac and PC is officially released and available for download
Video/Image Editing / November 12th, 2019
CameraBag 2020 Screenshot

Today we're happy to announce the launch of CameraBag 2020, a major update to our highly-awarded photo and video editor for Mac and PC..

CameraBag 2020 continues to come in two versions: CameraBag Pro 2020 for editing both photos and videos, and CameraBag Photo 2020 for editing photos only. This new release of CameraBag includes a much-requested spot heal tool, interactive white balance, advanced auto exposure, dozens of new tailored presets in several new collections, big speed improvements, and more. Additionally, CameraBag is moving away from fewer major releases (spaced further apart) to a continuous-release model.

Try CameraBag 2020:

See the CameraBag 2020 trailer at:

Here are some of the great new features:
  • New spot heal tool
  • New interactive white balance adjustment
  • New auto exposure adjustment
  • Dozens of new presets
    • Portrait: Freckles BW 1-2, Portrait Curve 1-5, Gentle Focus, Portrait Shadows Green, and more
    • Landscape: Autumn 1-3, Beach 1-4, Landscape BW 1-2, Sky+Earth, Sky+Foliage, and more
    • Architecture: Interior 1-5, Exterior BW, Building Detail, Sky+Buildings, and more
  • New image info window for viewing image resolution, bit depth, and file path
  • Totally reworked rendering engine for greatly improved speeds on hi-dpi/retina displays
  • Added saving of 16-bit pngs and tiffs
  • Support for loading .exr and .hdr images (Mac-only)
  • Various interface updates and improvements
  • Bug fixes (especially on hi-dpi/retina displays)
  • Plus more!
CameraBag 2020 is available now for $50 USD for CameraBag Pro, and $30 USD for CameraBag Photo, both at (There is also a free trial available.) All CameraBag 2020+ licenses purchased from include one full year of free upgrades from the date of purchase, regardless of the version number or size of each upgrade. This new continual upgrade schedule will allow us to release larger updates more regularly.

This is a paid upgrade for ALL users who purchased a version of CameraBag before August 1, 2019. If you purchased CameraBag Photo 3.x or CameraBag Pro 3.x from in the last 90 days, your upgrade to the new version is free; simply download the 2020 equivalent and use your same registration information.

CameraBag 2020 is also coming soon to other store platforms, such as the Mac App Store, Steam, and Setapp, where pricing models may vary per platform capabilities.


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