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Silo 2022 is here! Includes MAJOR fundamental improvements to the deep inner workings of Silo.
3D Modeling / April 26th, 2022

Dear Friends of Silo,

We are very excited to announce the final release of Silo 2022.0, which is ready for you to download now! This update comes with some MAJOR fundamental improvements to the deep inner workings of Silo.


First off, we’ve swapped in Pixar’s OpenSubdiv library to power Silo’s subdivision surfaces. This means that on high-subdivision models RAM usage can be reduced by more than 50%, and interactive edits to your subd models will work faster and smoother than ever, often dramatically so.

Next, we’ve completely redesigned how Silo’s memory management works under the hood, which should increase the long-term stability and efficiency of Silo.

Silo 2021.5 is ready with SVG import and more, plus new Silo 2022 beta coming soon
3D Modeling / March 23rd, 2022

We've got one last surprise update for Silo 2021 before switching over to Silo 2022 (which is currently available in beta here, with an updated beta coming very soon): Silo 2021.5! The biggest new feature for this one is SVG file import, but we’ve also gone in and improved virtually every other format Silo imports and exports, including fixing issues with non-English characters in file paths.


SVG file import is perfect for bringing in logos, floor plans, and other intricate shapes you've drawn as vectors and instantly turning them into usable 3D geometry. SVG has been added as a default 3D file format, so you load files just as y...
Announcing Milo 2022.0, Now With Playable Reference Characters
3D Modeling / March 1st, 2022

Milo 2022.0 is here and ready for you to download!

We've introduced new playable reference characters to Milo, controlled via any standard gamepad. It's a fun, easy, and instantaneous way to interact with your art, whether you want to get a feel for the scale of game assets, more realistically show off your architectural work to clients, or just have fun running around in your creations.

Milo's unique nature as a standalone realtime renderer powered by the Unreal game engine make innovative features like this possible. Keep an eye out for more updates from us, and be sure to let us know what you'd like to see next!

The update is FREE for all users who purchased Silo & Milo from within the last year; simp...
Announcing Milo 2021.4, now with adjustable dynamic volumetric clouds and a new line art rendering style!
3D Modeling / December 7th, 2021

Milo 2021.4 is ready for you to download!

Milo's Sky background has become much more dynamic, with the addition of procedurally-generated clouds that respond realistically to lighting changes. You can use the Remix Environment slider to infinitely adjust the clouds to get just the right look for your scene.

Additionally, we've added a neat new Line Art background mode which automatically renders your model in a flat color against a flat background, including optional wireframe lines. Colors for the background, shape, and lines can be set individually or linked together for a ton of cool rendering styles.

The update is FREE for all users who purchased Silo & Milo from within the last year; simply downlo...
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