Coming Updates and News for Silo, CameraBag, Milo, and Pixelmash
Coming Updates and News for Silo, CameraBag, Milo, and Pixelmash
News & Announcements / November 3rd, 2021     A+ | a-
We've got some great things coming soon in Silo, Milo, and CameraBag to tell you about—and don't miss out on the recent Pixelmash 2021.5 update!

Take a look below for sneak peeks at what's coming up next:

Selection Tools and Material Editor in Silo
Coming soon to Silo are an updated Materials editor, live auto-reloading of texture maps when saved externally, and some awesome new selection functions, including several powerful tools based on edge angles for easily selecting and working with object corners.

Image Compositing with Blend Modes in CameraBag
The upcoming release of CameraBag features a powerful new image compositing tile, including several versatile blend modes! Use this for double exposures, image overlays, subtle textures, and more.

Volumetric Procedural Clouds and More in Milo
Coming in the next version of Milo: big updates to the Sky background (including procedural volumetric clouds, more realistic lighting and atmosphere effects). And more, stay tuned!

#ICYMI, Pixelmash 2021.5 with Glow & Drop Shadow
Pixelmash 2021.5 was released last week and is ready for you to download! This update includes TWO brand-new, adjustable effects: Glow and Drop Shadow, as well as other improvements! Check out a short video on the new features: Video:

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